As part of our efforts to ensure that your child gets the best possible education, we are excited to announce that we will be delivering the MAPPEN Curriculum (
The MAPPEN curriculum represents approximately three hours of teaching time each week. Including logical integrations of literacy and numeracy, it covers the content and skills from the following areas of the curriculum:
• Science
• History
• Geography
• Civics and Citizenship
• Economics and Business
• Humanities and Social Sciences
• Personal, Social and Community Health
• Design and Technologies
• Critical and Creative Thinking
• Personal and Social Capabilities
• Ethical Understanding
• Intercultural Understanding

MAPPEN provides opportunities for students to explore content and skills through real world examples. Each term, we will deliver an eight week learning sequence which is designed around one of the following concepts:
• Community
• Sustainability
• Social Justice
• Creativity
• Identity
• Change
• Discovery
• Connections
Over 8 terms (2 years), your child will investigate each of the concepts once. A single concept is investigated across the school simultaneously, with age appropriate content and skills being investigated at each year level. MAPPEN promotes rich conversations at the dinner table and encourages your child to ask meaningful questions about their world.

MAPPEN has a strong focus on building your child’s capacity to develop questions and to plan and conduct their own inquiry. It aligns with our belief that alongside the core literacy and numeracy skills, students in the 21st Century need to have opportunities to question, wonder and create.

MAPPEN is a world class curriculum designed by Australian educators for Australian schools. More than 250 Australian schools are currently implementing MAPPEN. If you’d like to find out more about MAPPEN you can visit or talk to our MAPPEN Coordinator, Ophelia Kotrba.